KFC Chicken is 100% locally sourced from our very own poultry farmers

Hand-Breaded, Freshly Prepared & Finger Lickin’ Good! A Taste You Can Trust!

KFC landed in Sri Lanka in 1995, when the first restaurant opened its doors at Majestic City. Since then, this most loved and fastest growing retail restaurant chain in the world has expanded to over 40 restaurants around the country and serves up nearly 11.5 million meals annually.

What made KFC great then is what makes the chain still famous and favored. The secret lies in a world-famous-recipe, Colonel Harland Sanders' signature blend of 11 herbs and spices, which even today is under lock and key at the headquarters in Kentucky, USA.

Cargills Ceylon is passionate about serving our customers freshly prepared, great tasting food with a key part of this being localizing the dishes to suit the Sri Lankan palate; this includes the KFC Chicken Biriyani, KFC Spice Rice, KFC Chicken Submarine, KFC BBQ Chicken and Faluda Krusher - along with the signature KFC meals. At KFC, we are also proud of our world famous recognition culture. We believe everyone puts in their best effort and we never shy away from saying that the food tastes excellent. Over the years, Cargills has celebrated this team effort by building upon professionalism and best practices in the field of food, beverage and hospitality.

We also support the local farming and livestock industry by sourcing the best local ingredients while maintaining KFC's strict international standards.